2020 Vendors

Calling All Vendors

The Clatskanie Farmers Market is making plans. We understand that the times are uncertain and only essential business is allowed, but for now at least, farmers markets are permitted to continue operations. Various active markets have developed strict protocols for both market day and for the harvesting and handling of market products.

CFM has always focused on creating a sense of community while providing produce and hand made items, and one way or another, we hope to continue that tradition.

We encourage any of you considering becoming a vendor to visit our 2020 vendors page and fill out an application. Please forward the completed form to CFM Market Manager /P.O. Box 1501 Clatskanie Oregon 97016. Do not send the application fee, we are only trying to gauge the size of this year’s market so we can continue with our planning for the new venue on North Conyers.

It seems like pandemic news develops by the minute and we are tracking constantly, but rest assured, we are working to continue this community activity responsibly.



CFM Vendor Application 2020

Clatskanie Farmers Market Handbook

Please send in your vendor application by mail (as directed on the form, without the application fee at this time, please). Online applications via Farmspread coming shortly!

Also coming soon: the new CFM Co-op Booth information… stay tuned!

Please direct vendor-related inquires to the Market Manager’s email: CFMmarketManager@gmail.com

View the Vendor Orientation Website Presentation 2019 for important things to know about What to Expect on Market Day! *The market is moving venues for 2020! The City and local businesses have graciously agreed to the closure of Conyers Street off Hwy 30 leading back toward Cope’s Park. Stay tuned to how this exciting change affects vendor set-up/take-down, etc. Thanks!

Download fact sheet about the “Baking Bill” here.

Read about marketing cut greens here: Leafy Greens Fact Sheet

Learn about selling mushrooms here: Mushroom Fact Sheet

Selling eggs? Read the Rules and Regulations for the Oregon Shell Egg Producer

Here is more information about the Farm Direct Law: OSU Fact Sheet – Farm Direct

And this one is about selling sprouts: Sprout Fact Sheet

Link to the ODA’s labeling requirements for added-value foods: Labeling Requirements

Selling eggs at CFM? Here is a great resource for: How to Clean Eggs

Doing some product sampling? You’ll need a CFM handwash station to use in your booth

Process Authorities & References for added-value foods:

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning – 2015

Pacific NW Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

So Easy To Preserve – National Center For Home Food Preservation


Historical Information:


2019 Market Statistics

2018 Market Statistics

2017 Market Statistics


2016 Market Statistics


tilthworks produce

Tilthworks is a market garden. They sustainably grow a variety of vegetables, raise bees, extract their honey and make focaccia and artisian bread to sell at the Clatskanie Farmers Market. One of their favorite crops is garlic. They will be at the Clatskanie Garlic Festival with 13 strains of hard and soft neck garlic, dried garlic scape sprinkles, garlic braids, honey and bread.

Barking Dog Farm Profile Pic

Barking Dog Farm is a small family homestead sharing their passion for clean food, produce and original goods with their neighbors and friends in their community.

Pacific Pixie Profile Pic

Jessica Fenter, of Pacific Pixie, is a local artist, specializing in locally sourced and focused art. Come to see her handmade jewelry, wood working, wind ornaments, lawn art, post cards, greeting cards, magnets…. and lots of beautiful & creative art!

Thistlehill Farmstand Profile Pic

Thistle Hill Farmstand started out with Karen and Kristin (a dynamic mother-daughter team) as licensed bakers. Some of their incredible baked goods include cupcakes, rolls, cookies, muffins, bars, and their infamous Cardamom Bread. They also have some gluten free products!


Greenwoods Cafe is a small and intimate scratch-made food stand serving primarily Cantonese style Dim Sum. Handmade dumplings and cakes, both steamed and grilled, in Baozi, Jiaozi and Zongzi styles, are served with market-purchased grilled vegetables and salads of seasonal rotation. Greenwoods Cafes sources meats and vegetables as locally as possible for their unique cuisine.  Hot tea, coffee & house-made granola with Greek yogurt & local fruit are served as well!

Columbia River Candies Profile Pic

​Columbia River Candies features exquisite, handmade, small batch candy & fudge. A perfect selection for gift-giving, special birthdays, wedding favors, thank-you gifts, holiday giving, housewarming, and even for personal enjoyment and indulgence. Our customers favorite toffee flavors include: German Chocolate Almond Mocha, Dark Raspberry Hazelnut, Milk Chocolate Cashew, Alpine Orange, Peppermint Mocha and Dark Chocolate Espresso!

Polly Shaw Profile Pic

Polly Shaw is a self taught artist who has been selling paintings in Oregon at galleries, frame shops, art shows and farmers markets for the last 5 years. Her style of painting is gestural and intuitive, “alla prima” meaning ‘quickly and spontaneously’. She strives to complete each piece in one session so that her work looks fresh and sketchy yet finished. Polly works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, oil pastel and charcoal. Richard Paten sells his handmade ceramics alongside Polly, and when not talking about their artistic works, Polly offers chair massage by-the-minute!

Backroads Bounty Profile Pic 2

Backroads Bounty brings a variety of local, naturally grown produce offering that fresh-from-the-garden quality and flavor. Their gardens grow in rich river bottom soils and a hoop house garden jump starts the growing season.

Johns local honey profile pic 2

John’s Local Honey sells bees wax, some veggies, herbs, wooden crafts, and of course, honey!

jones gals sundries profile pic 3

The Jones Gals are a Mother/Daughters team descended from sturdy Estonian/Finnish stock on the mothers side and hearty homesteading pioneers from the father’s side.  They have sought to incorporate two key essentials to a satisfying life by providing you with both Sustenance and Comfort.  Sustenance Bread is the staff of life.  We provide freshly baked “Home” made white, whole wheat and artisan breads.  They are not only delicious, but bring forth memories of simpler times, when fresh bread from the oven not only fed the body, but warmed the senses and the soul.  The delightful array of cookies, bars and scones we offer, go beyond sustenance to borderline decadence! Definitely worth the occasional splurge!  Comfort Handmade weighted blankets.  Bringing a personal touch to the generic blanket that gives warmth and comfort with the additional therapeutic advantages that “weighted” blankets afford!  Adults and children alike have benefited from the calmness and soundness of sleep they provide!  Jones Gals Sundries  Offering the comforts of “home”, from our’s to yours! 

Haven Acres II profile pic

Haven Acres II is run by a lifelong Columbia County resident who grew up participating in 4-H and raising her own kids in the 4-H program.  She was introduced to the benefits of Goat Milk soap at a goat conference back in 2001.  She dabbled at making it for a couple years and eventually came up her my own recipes to sell at bazaars and the annual goat conference.     From Leona: “Thanks to the Clatskanie Farmers Market I have had much more opportunity to introduce others to the benefits of Goat Milk soap.  Since I have very sensitive skin, using something natural without harsh additives has become important to me.  Many customers have voiced how important it is to them as well.  Along with the soap, our booth offers kitchen and bath accessories, crocheted hand towels, scrubbies, potholders, dish/bath cloths, and wooden soap dishes.”

seven petals farm profile pic

Seven Petals Farm is a family farm growing a variety of quality cut flowers that they want to share with the community through their unique and inspired floral arrangements.

cedar farm profile pic

Cedar Farm, where the patented Hizap fence extending insulator originated, has been in the Lillich family for over 50 years. It originated as a fully operational small sheep farm with around four acres of grazing and is ideally situated in the hills just outside of Clatskanie, Oregon. Over the years they have endured wild animal and canine attacks on their sheep, spent countless hours trying to protect their gardens from deer and, as good neighbors should, worked hard at keeping their own dogs on the property. These situations lead to the first prototype of the Hizap fence extending insulator, a PVC pipe extension that has been in place since 2008. It made their electric fence higher and wider.  These extenders presented a new unknown obstacle for the animal wanting to get over the fence, creating protection and containment that was un-parallel to any other insulator on the market. Now, after several field trials and further developments to its design, making it adaptable to both metal and wooden posts, the Hizap fence extending insulator was issued a U.S. Utility Patent on April 2, 2019! The fence extending insulator is sold under the Hizap registered trademark and is currently available for purchase at www.hizapit.com. Their hope is to provide peace of mind for potential customers in their endeavors to find the protection and containment that works for them.

Agate Lane Inspirations profile pic

Agate Lane Inspirations: join us in welcoming this new vendor who is passionate about creating unique jewelry and re-purposed art!


Broquet Ranch Angora

Broquet Ranch raises & sell colored and white registered Angora goats for fiber, and a variety of free range chickens for eggs in multiple natural colors. They offer mohair roving, locks, and whole fleeces from their goats, as well as handspun yarn and items handwoven & crocheted on the ranch.


Your “Healthy Bee Experts” from Priester Farm Bee Supply are ready to help you with all your beekeeping needs! They provide personal, professional beekeeping service with exceptional quality. Their unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why their loyal customers won’t go anywhere else.


Alder Springs Metal Arts brings you Hand-crafted Jewelry & Decor as well as Farm Fresh Produce!


Bubbles Ascending sells Bubbles Wands to blow giant bubbles with! Promotes smiling faces, fun, and happiness. Smiles abound when bubbles ascend!


Face Printing by Priscilla!!


Ever-Atlas Farm: Locally grown vegetables and berries. Delicious jellies, dried herbs and hand selected seeds.


Pottery by Bertha Jacobs

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