Community (Co-Op) Booth


CFM (Co-Op) Booth – 2020

*Updated 5/1/2020: due to the Covid-19 market operations protocol, the Co-op booth is on hold until further notice. This is due to best-practice directives advised by OFMA (approved by the ODA). Because this booth is designed to utilize multiple grower-vendors at one time and to engage in product sampling and vendor education, CFM has elected not to go forward at this time, but hopes to start this project as the season progresses. At the present, we are operating as an essential business, providing products to our community using safe practices for all.

Please contact Tammy, below, to express your future interest in participating in the Co-op booth. Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time.

Have your germination rates exceeded the space left to plant in your garden? Have you not yet learned that one zucchini plant per family is probably enough? Do you raise heirloom tomatoes that you’re dying to share with the public?

Would you like a way to start selling at the market without the upfront costs of reserving a market space or purchasing the many components to set up a booth? Would you like some help with developing marketing skills and learning how to display, price and sell your produce? How about some help with offering a product demonstration, sampling or tasting event? Well, the newly re-launched CFM Co-op Booth has become an outlet for all this and more!

Each week, CFM will set up a Co-op Booth that serves several important purposes in the marketplace. What began during our first season as a CFM fundraiser for our fledgling Market, has become more than just a way to raise operating funds.

The Co-op Booth has become a place where undecided produce vendors can dip their toes in the water before committing to their own booth. It has become a place where backyard gardeners, small farmers, retirees, and even youth can market their surplus harvests of lettuce, blueberries, apples, basil, and more! It is a place where old friends meet, new friendships are born, a small town is feeding itself, and every week you are guaranteed to find a fabulous new selection of fresh, seasonal produce.

This booth is staffed with a friendly, helpful, co-op booth manager, who will help you navigate your farmers market adventure. You will be asked to stay and help sell your produce, as you learn the ins & outs of produce display, pricing, using a scale, handling transactions, interacting with customers, and much more; in exchange for a commission fee from your sales. While you will keep most of your profit, the money paid in commissions will sustain the booth manager’s wage so that other beginning vendors may have the same opportunity to learn and sell their produce. This booth has been designed with the goal of helping you grow your garden, grow your business, and grow into your own vendor space when you are ready!

If you would like to sign up for the Co-op Booth and sell your fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs, please call the Co-op Booth Manager, Tammy Robinson, by Wednesday each week, at 360-270-2526 to discuss your plans. Tammy may also be reached at You will need to arrive between 9:00-9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to bring your fresh produce items and complete some paperwork. 

The Co-op Booth Manager will assist with setting fair prices that reflect current market value, and all items will be inspected to ensure quality and freshness. All produce sales and pricing is at the discretion of the Co-op Booth Manager and you will agree that a 25% commission will be charged on the proceeds of your sold produce. (You may choose to take home your unsold produce or donate it to our local food bank.)

This Co-op Booth is operated as part of the Beginning Vendor Support Network Project, and through funding provided by a multitude of partners including: the USDA, the Oregon Farmers Markets Association, Oregon State University and the Ford Family Foundation. Please read more about this exciting project HERE.

Co-op Booth Check In and Out Form


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