Community Booth

Have your germination rates exceeded the space left to plant in your garden? Have you not yet learned that one zucchini plant per family is probably enough? Do you raise heirloom tomatoes that you’re dying to share with the public? Do you raise native trees and wish to encourage biodiversity? Do you want to donate all or a portion of your harvest to benefit a non-profit organization? The CFM Community Booth has become an outlet for all this and more.

Each week, CFM sets up a Community Booth that serves several important purposes in the marketplace. What began three years ago as a CFM fundraiser for our fledgling Market, has become more than just a way to raise cash.

The Community Booth has now become a place for local families receiving SNAP benefits to purchase tokens with which they can buy the region’s freshest food. It has become a place where undecided produce vendors can dip their toes in the water for up to three weeks before committing to their own booth. It has become a place where retirees as well as 4-H kids share surplus harvests of lettuce, peaches, apples, and more. It has become a place where teenagers gain valuable job skills, and now the chance to earn a high school credit, by volunteering to work on Saturday mornings. It is a place where old friends meet, new friendships are born, a small town is feeding itself and every week you are guaranteed to find a fabulous new selection of fresh, seasonal produce.

If you would like to consign clearly identified plants that you have raised in pots for at least six weeks, fresh  fruits, vegetables, or herbs, in the CFM Community Booth, you can:

  • Call the Community Booth Manager, Silas Goforth, by Wednesday of the week you want to sell at @ 971-808-1348 or email him at
  • You will need to arrive between 8:00-9:30AM on Saturday morning to drop off your items. All items not reclaimed by 2:30PM will be assumed unclaimed and will be distributed or donated at the discretion of CFM.

Clatskanie Farmers Market will assist with setting fair prices that reflect current market value, and all items will be inspected to ensure quality and freshness. A 25% commission will be charged on any consigned items; all proceeds from the sale of donated items are tax deductible and will be used to defray the operating costs of the Market.

Community Booth Check In and Out Form


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