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bee education day 2017 photo

2017 Bee Education Day

View the promotional poster for this annual event here: 2017 Bee Education Day Poster

2017 Bee Education Day!

Clatskanie Farmers Market features the benefits and mysteries of these benevolent pollinators each year. We depend on them for most of what we grow.

Join us for Bee Education Day – Saturday, September 2, 2017 @ Copes Park in Clatskanie, when the market will focus its attention on bees.

In addition to many of your favorite weekly vendors, we’ll have several special guests featuring honey, bee products, and educational displays.

Check out an observation hive to get a glimpse into the life of a colony. See a solar wax extractor. Bring the kids to make a bug/bee home and play with real beekeeping equipment. Taste some delicious food samples made with local honey. Chat with local beekeepers. Shop for fabulous body care products, bee-inspired art, handcrafts and baked goods. The list goes on…. and on.

As usual, there will be live music, food, and fun. Come out and join us as we pay tribute to the bees . The market is abuzz.

Garlic_festival_FBEVENT (1).jpg

Clatskanie Farmers Market Third Annual Garlic Festival

The Clatskanie Farmers Market is thrilled to announce the occasion of their third annual Garlic Festival on Saturday August 19, 2017 at Copes Park, Clatskanie.

Garlic is as old as the hills.  However, some varieties have only recently been brought to the States since China and Russia (the countries of origin for many strains) have opened their borders to trade; others were discovered closer to us.  Inchellium Red, our largest, most colorful softneck strain, was tracked down in the Colville lands in Washington.  Island Rocambole was developed in the San Juan Islands.  Happily, all of these strains have been successfully grown here in the hills around Clatskanie.  Market farmers selected garlic based on taste, size, and shelf life.  They traveled only a mile or two to market and have been handled with care.  Some of these strains have a shelf life of up to a year!

If you like garlic, mark your calendars.  The Market will have two tapas chefs preparing, on the spot, fresh samples of raw and roasted garlic recipes.  Gazpacho, salsas, soups, artisan breads and more will be available to help guide you to your favorite garlic type.  At least one vendor will be offering comparative samples of raw garlic for the truly brave at heart, or the foolhardy, depending on your tolerance for heat.  As usual, the market will offer supervised children activities and all of our regular vendors will be stocked up.

For a day, Clatskanie will truly be the center of Oregon’s garlic universe.  So, whether you are looking for a single bulb with which to season that roast tonight or for 5 pounds of that hard to find strain, you’ll find it at the Clatskanie Farmers Market on August 19th, 10am-2pm.

See you there!

Recipes from Clatskanie Farmers Market 2017 Garlic Festival

Cooking demonstrations are back this summer!

August 19th:  Garlic Festival!  Recipes from Clatskanie Farmers Market 2017 Garlic Festival

August 12th:  Infused Waters!!  We all know that we need to drink a lot of water to stay healthy and hydrated, but sometimes it’s fun to add a little variety every now and then!  We are offering this list of infused waters to help you get all you need.  Mixed with fruits, veggies, herbs, and even flowers, these recipes make getting your daily hydration a breeze!  Infused waters may even help you to slim down and fight cravings, especially if you can replace soda with these lovely drinks.  Keeping a dispenser of infused water on the counter makes it fun for kiddos to stay hydrated, too!  Infused Water Recipes

July 22nd: Fire up the Grill!  Join us as we demonstrate and sample grilled fresh summer squash at the Market!  Served up with a fresh herbal yogurt dipping sauce… a real taste of summer!  Get the recipe here:  Summer Grilling!

Join us on July 8th for a taste of fresh raspberry jam!  Sign-ups will be available at the CFM food demonstration booth for a jam-making class offered next Thursday evening!



Join us on this *HOT* Saturday, June 24th, to learn how to make fresh lavender simple syrup to craft an incredible Strawberry Lemonade!  Recipes to hand out, ingredients to purchase from local vendors… and free samples!  Preview the recipe here: Strawberry-Lavender Lemonade.


cfm 2017 billboard.jpg

Have you seen our new billboard on HWY 30? Designed by local artist Randy Larson, it will be prominently displayed ALL summer long!

CFM 2017 Spring Bazaar Event FlyerCFM 2017 Spring Bazaar Vendor Application
Clatskanie Seed to Supper 2017
cfm holiday bazaar 2016 poster.jpg

Santa Claus is Coming to Clatskanie!

Santa Claus is coming to town and making his first stop at the Clatskanie Farmers Market Holiday Bazaar on November 19th.  The bazaar will be held at the American Legion Hall located at 930 NE 5th Street on November 19th from 9:00AM – 4:00PM, with Santa onsite for photos and goodies for the kids from 11:30-2:30.  Each child who visits with Santa will receive a free 4”x 6” photo to take home with them, with additional prints available for purchase and ready in time for Christmas.

But don’t let the kids have all the fun– this year’s Bazaar will feature treasures made by some of the area’s best crafts people and treats made in some of the best home kitchens.  You will have no reason at all to travel outside of Clatskanie to find those special one-of-a-kind gifts.  Treats will include baked goods, toffee, dried fruits, pepper jellies, jams, fruit jellies, chutney, cranberry jalapeno relish, gourmet granola, sauerkraut, and kim chi.  Treasures will include a wide array of cards and prints, wreaths, jewelry, custom animal and bird cages, bird houses, t-shirts, goats milk soap, towels, pot holders, knitted, crochet, and embroidered goods, quilted items, scarves and gloves, unique wood products, aprons, baby blankets, hand crafted knives (and knife sharpening, bring your own knife), metal art, painted rock art, and leather goods.  Since the Clatskanie Farmers Market is involved, you will find a seasonal array of fresh produce including herbs, winter squash, chestnuts, plants, apples, and walnuts.   

This celebration will double as a fundraiser for the Clatskanie Farmers Market.  They will be raffling off a fully decorated Christmas tree, a large gift basket, and several poinsettias.  If all this gifting activity makes you hungry, the Market will be selling sausage dogs and beef hot dogs along with baked potatoes with all the usual toppings.  They will also offer coffee, tea, cocoa, water and fresh pressed apple cider, along with fresh baked chocolate cake.

So bundle up against the chill, get out of the house, and go down to the Legion Hall on November 19th for a day filled with fun, food, unique gifts, and good cheer.  Support the creative efforts of all our talented makers, growers, and cooks as well as our local farmers market.

‘Tis the Season!

Clatskanie Farmers Market – Season Extending Into October!! 
The Clatskanie Farmers Market is a little like that visiting relative.  They just want to hang around.  Hearing repeated rumors that fall gardens were still providing strong yields, the Market Board of Directors has decided to  continue on for another two weeks – October 1st and October 8th.  Their impromptu Market theme will be “Tasting Autumn in Clatskanie.”  Several vendors will be preparing special tapas featuring their products which will reflect the essence of the season.The Market will also showcase a splendid selection of jams and candy and a couple of vendors will be staying up late and getting up early to make sure their tables are full of  chewy focaccia.  Rumor has it that the donut lady will make her return as well.  One other seasonal treat is watermelon.  The Market will sponsor a  “Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest.”  Finally, to contribute to your comfort on these brisk fall days, the Market will be selling hot cups of coffee as a fundraiser.As always, you are sure to find one thing that isn’t seasonal – community.  Your friends and neighbors are likely to be there.  Even if you couldn’t possibly choke down one more side shoot of broccoli, come out for the reason the Clatskanie Farmers Market has thrived for these last three years – it’s just fun!So slip on your mukluks, grab your yellow slicker, and do something unusual.  Visit the coolest little market in Oregon.  They promise they will be gone in two weeks.
Cooking Demonstrations and Tastings at the Market! Live shows at the Market will feature food purchased directly from our vendors! Experience unique preparations for produce items that you are familiar with, as well as ideas for trying something new. Features will be on produce that is season, in abundance, or perhaps is unusual to you!
End of Regular 2016 Season:  Sept 17th & 24th: We Celebrated International Apple Day with Free Cider Pressing & Tasting!————————————————————————-
Past Shows: Sept 10th: Potatoes: Rustic Gnocchi Recipe!

Past Shows: Sept 3rd: Bees n’ Honey

One favorite way to use local honey is in Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce! Inspired by our favorite local brand, produced commercially right here in the NW, we bring you a customized sauce idea: combine mayo, Dijon and honey in a ratio that pleases you! Make it as sweet, tangy or spicy as you like it! Dip in your veggies & meat and eat away!


Past Shows: Aug 27th: Root Roundup

No recipe needed! Just round up all your favorite root veggies, dice into cubes, coat with olive oil and your favorite seasonings (try Italian Herbs, or Cumin & Paprika, or just Sea Salt & Pepper) and roast at 400 deg. until tender, stirring every 15 minutes.

root vegs.jpg   roasted root veg pic.jpg


Past Shows: Aug 20th: All About Garlic & Fresh Salsa!

Clatskanie Farmers Market is pleased to announce its second annual Garlic Festival! This year we will again feature roasted garlic and artisan breads, and also garlic infused goat cheese!

Come by to check out fresh salsa and gazpacho which highlights the intensely unique flavors of raw garlic. Come early for the usual offerings of the market, but stay for the garlic.  Clatskanie is blessed with ideal conditions for growing it – wet winters trending towards dryer weather in early summer and our soil is rich in nutrients.  We will be selling at least 13 varieties of hard and soft neck garlic.  Even though elephant garlic isn’t true garlic (it’s in the leek family) at least one grower will offer it as well.  All told, there will be several hundred bulbs to choose from.

Garlic aficionados search markets far and wide to find their favorite varieties.  Our festival will offer those old favorites like Spanish Roja, Susanville, Italian Late, and Music, but we also have a wide selection of more hard to find garlic including, Jimmy’s Blue Mountain, Pitterelli, Notka Rose, Bogatyr,  Penasco Blue, Duganski, Mt. Hood, Turk Giant, Purple Glazer, and Blanak; and this year due to our really excellent gardening practices (but possibly because of last winter’s floods) the bulbs are ENORMOUS.  This weekend you don’t have to drive to the coast, Portland, or Seattle to find these bodacious bulbs that have been pumping up dishes for 7,000 years.  We have it all right here!

Whether you’re looking for that yearly bag of Music, want a spicy bulb to kick up your barbecue sauce, or you’re just curious and would like to sample roasted garlic and chevre, Clatskanie Farmers Market is the place to be on Saturday the 20th.

Discover the coolest little market in Oregon.  Come down to Clatskanie, the garlic capitol of the Northwest. Who would have thought it?    We’ve got garlic.  Contributed by Steve Routon


Past Shows:  Aug 6th: Relish! Relish!

Here is a clever way to use up all that zucchini:  Sonia’s Zucchini Relish (Makes 6 pints)!
12 cups unpeeled zucchini or other summer squash
2 cups grated unpeeled carrot
4 cups grated onion
2 cups grated bell peppers
4 jalapeno peppers, seeded & very finely chopped; or a 4 oz can of jalapenos½ cup pickling salt or sea salt worksMix all of the above vegetables and salt in very large bowl very well. Cover with cubed ice and let sit overnight. In the morning, prepare canning jars and water bath canner. Drain veggies into a colander, rinse well 2-3 times and squeeze out excess moisture.Combine in a large stainless pot:4 cups sugar3 cups cider vinegar4 tsp celery seed2 tsp red pepper flakes1 tsp EACH: cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and black pepperBoil over high heat, stir until sugar is dissolved. Stir in the drained veggies, reduce heat to medium and simmer 30 mins, stirring often, until the mixture begins to thicken and a lot of the liquid has been absorbed. In a measuring cup, stir together 4 tsp cornstarch and 3 tsp dry mustard; add 1 cup of vinegar slowly to make a small paste, and stir into relish. Continue simmering relish another 5 mins, stir constantly until the liquid thickens and turns clear. Remove from heat, spoon into hot, sterilized jars, leave ½” headspace, release air bubbles, wipe rims, seal and process in boiling water bath 10 min.————————————————————————-
Past Shows: July 30th: Beyond Green Salad!
Is there such a thing as Salad Fatigue? Well, there just may be! One of our main produce vendors was out with an injury, and the Community Booth needed staffed, but even without a demo and free tastes… this handout on alternative uses for those salad greens – including just plain lettuce – is offered up to you here: Beyond Green Salad!
Past Shows: July 23rd: Just Pickle It!
Dilly beans and pickled quail eggs! Oh, and a handout that includes a homemade pickling spice mixture! Tis the season to pickle those fruits and veggies! Just Pickle It!
just pickle it food demo pic.jpg————————————————————————-

Past Shows: July 16th: Ice Cream & Toppings!

This was awesome! In addition to sampling such unique toppings as locally made pepper jelly, toffee & marionberry jam, the kids activity booth featured “Ice Cream in a Bag” using local goat milk! Yummy! Check out the handout (ice cream recipe included!) from this fun event: Ice Cream and Toppings


Past Shows: July 9th:  Snacks on the Go!

See the 4-page, all-out color recipe handout that went along with this fantastic event here: Snacks on the Go! We tasted some awesome recipes of quick, simple, healthy, no-bake “energy bites” in flavors like Quinoa Coconut-Cocoa, Carrot Cake Bliss and Granola… and even tried some roasted, seasoned Chickpeas!


Past Shows: July 2nd:  BBQ Sauce!

The timing for homemade BBQ was perfect, as the first farm-fresh tomatoes had just arrived in the Market! For this demonstration we sampled BBQ Sauce – made two ways! A basic tomato sauce recipe, split into two batches with unique ingredients added to each, results in both a Rodeo-Style BBQ Sauce AND a Sweet & Sour Sauce suitable for canning! While the Rodeo BBQ is recommended for red meat, the Sweet and Sour Sauce pairs well with chicken or fish… and both are great on grilled veggies! See the full recipe here: Barbeque Sauce Two Ways!


Past Shows:   June 25th:  Kale Pesto & Homemade Crackers!

kale pesto.jpgWhat a fun show this was! Spicy crackers, herb crackers, fresh goat milk Chevre (again!) from our Creamery Vendor… topped with amazing, surprising, refreshing… Kale Pesto! Customize these crackers and this pesto any way you’d like… or use the pesto on noodles or pizza or fish or toast or… ?

Recipe for both crackers and pesto are here: Kale Pesto & Cracker Recipe

Also, on June 25th we held our 2nd Annual Kale Cook-Off!
What fun! Congratulations to our winners, Heather Young (Baby Kale Appetizer), Connie Sims (Kale Pesto) and Marianne Velliquette (Kale & Ham Soup). And Heather takes the Kale Queen Title for another season!
Kale Cook Off Flyer 2016
Kale Cook-Off Instructions 2016


grilled-vegetable-kabobsPast Shows: June 18th:      Grilling for Father’s Day! We featured a grilled veggie kabob with two different glazes! We whisked up a Honey-Chili Glaze using local fresh honey, a splash of oil, a splash of soy sauce, minced garlic and chili powder to taste. Ever/Atlas Farm provided a sweet-hot Pepper Jelly called “Time Bomb” for the 2nd glaze! After threading mixed veggies (such as onions, peppers, mushrooms and summer squash) onto skewers (if using bamboo, soak in water first to avoid charring), they were lightly grilled and then brushed with the glazes.


Past shows: June 11th:      Though the Market Chef was absent, she still shares this crepe recipe with you: How do you like your crepes? Savory or Sweet? Here, we take the basic crepe recipe and mix it up to accompany various fillings and toppings.

berry-crepesBasic Crepes: (Makes about 12)


2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
3 tablespoons melted butter
Butter, for coating the pan

In a blender, combine all of the ingredients and pulse for 10 seconds. Place the crepe batter in the refrigerator for 1 hour. This allows the bubbles to subside so the crepes will be less likely to tear during cooking. The batter will keep for up to 48 hours.

Heat a small non-stick pan and add butter to coat. Pour an ounce (about 2 tablespoons) of batter into the center of the pan and swirl to spread evenly. Cook for 30 seconds and flip. Cook for another 10 seconds and remove to the cutting board. Lay them out flat so they can cool. Continue until all batter is gone. After they have cooled you can stack them and store in seal-able plastic bags in the refrigerator for several days or in the freezer for up to two months. When using frozen crepes, thaw on a rack before gently peeling apart.

*Savory Variation – Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 cup chopped fresh herbs, spinach or sun-dried tomatoes to the egg mixture.

*Sweet Variation – Add 2 1/2 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract and 2 tablespoons of your favorite liqueur or juice to the egg mixture.


Past shows: June 4th:       What’s New? Baked Goods & Confections: For this show, our Market Chef bought these items from our vendors: Fresh Goat Milk Chevre & Caramel Sauce from Skamokawa Farmstead Creamery, Basil from Friday’s Face, Strawberries from Barefoot Farm and Flowers, and Cardamom Bread from Thistle Hill Farmstand. Using these ingredients, our chef created a quick dessert that the daughter of a vendor aptly named “Summer Infusion” because of the unique blend of flavors.

IMG_20160607_124352 (2).jpg

Summer Infusion Market Fresh Dessert:

Mix chopped fresh basil leaves with the chevre and spread on sliced cardamom bread. Top with strawberries and drizzle with caramel sauce.



Clatskanie Farmers Market Presents: The 3rd Annual Fundraiser BBQ!

On Saturday, May 28th, 2016 we will host our 3rd Annual Fundraiser BBQ from 4-6pm in the Clatskanie City Park. Join us for a crowd-pleasing BBQ as we celebrate “National Hamburger Day,” with burgers and all the fixins! Come with your family for dinner in the park and support your local Farmers Market!

Buy your dinner tickets now: stop in at Liney Birds (and check out their delicious baked goods while you’re there) and ask at the counter to buy your BBQ tickets! Or see what’s new at Johnson Family Feed Store when you visit them to buy your dinner tickets! The cost is just $10 for an adult, or $5 for a  youth. We’ll see you there!


Clatskanie Farmers Market Presents: The 2nd Annual Spring Market Bazaar!

On Saturday, May 7th from 9:00am-3:00pm at The American Legion Hall in Clatskanie, Local Vendors are needed to showcase their goods!

Homegrown or Handcrafted Only: Flower, herb & veggie Starts, Garden themed items, Varieties of handmade arts & crafts, Mother’s Day gift ideas, too!

$15 Table Fee – Submit Application by May 1st. Special offer: free table space for 2016 pre-paid full-time vendors!!

Contact: Marianne (503)308-3853, email: ClatskanieFM@gmail.com

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Application: CFM 2016 Spring Bazaar Application


Happy New Year 2016!

The CFM Board of Directors is already planning ways to make 2016 an even bigger year for you, our vendors, and we could use your input. Many of you already know that we’ve received a very large USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program Grant. Visit our website for a fact sheet that highlights the major details of that project. The overall goal of this Outreach Project will be to increase our total sales by attracting more customers who use WIC, SNAP and FDNP funds to purchase all or part of their monthly food. In order to do so, we will be offering hands on cooking demonstrations in and out of the marketplace, and using a variety of new advertising strategies.

This is where our food producers come in….as we will be encouraging the purchase of FRESH, LOCAL, and SEASONAL foods, our goal is to lead by example. As we plan our market day demonstrations, it would help to know what you are planning to offer and a general idea of when it will be available, so we can purchase our ingredients from you. We will need fresh produce in quantities great enough to run the demonstrations, and the ability to direct our shoppers to buy the ingredients on site before they leave the Market. To encourage variety and quantities, we’re hoping to get as many of our food producers (whether you are consigning surplus from your garden at the Community Booth or a full scale farmer, you are a food producer and we love you!) involved in a collaborative conversation to find out which crops have been most popular and where gaps need to be filled; what you enjoyed most about participating in CFM and what you’d suggest to make the Market even better. Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us and critical to the success of our grant.

Mark your calendars now and plan to join us for a potluck dinner discussion to be held on Monday, January 11th in the Clatskanie Elementary School Library. If you have friends who are curious about becoming a produce vendor, bring them too!

In order to help with event planning, please RSVP here or to clatskaniefm@gmail.com by Friday, January 8th. Even if you are unable to attend, your feedback and any information about what you are planning for 2016 would be much appreciated.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on the 11th. In the meantime, grab those seed catalogs and a cup of whatever warms your soul, and enjoy the last few weeks of the “off season.”

Happy New Year from Clatskanie Farmers Market!


June 2015 Events:

June 6th: Opening Day Ceremony at 10:00am

June 13th: Fruit & Vegetable Week; CFM Produce Scavenger Hunt with Yummy Shortcake Prizes!

June 20th: Shop for Father’s Day Gifts!

June 27th: Kale Cook Off! Bring Your Best Kale Dish; Judging at 1pm; Prizes!


July 2015 Events:

July 4th: Market Open Noon-4pm


Clatskanie Farmers Market Presents: The 2nd Annual BBQ Fundraiser!

May 30th 2015 4-6pm at the Clatskanie City Park, Covered Picnic Shelter

Dinner/Raffle Tickets Available now: $10 adult / $5 youth

Showcase your business and your products! Donate a raffle prize and/or silent auction item, proceeds to benefit the Market; Receipt for your tax-deductible donation available.

Contact: Marianne: wishv@KPSventures.com 503.308.3853 with your donation & business information for showcasing your vendor booth.

Download a flyer here: 2015 BBQ Fundraiser


Clatskanie Farmers’ Market Presents: The Spring Market Bazaar!

On Saturday, May 9th from 9:00am-3:00pm at The American Legion Hall in Clatskanie, Local Vendors are needed to showcase their goods!

Homegrown or Handcrafted Only: Flower, herb & veggie Starts, Garden themed items, Varieties of handmade arts & crafts, Mother’s Day gift ideas, too!

$15 Table Fee – Submit Application by May 4th

Contact: Lynn Green (503)728-4723, email: greens@clatskanie.com

Download and Print a Vendor Application Here: Spring Bazaar Application

Download and Print a Flyer Here: Spring Bazaar Flyer

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root vegs.jpg


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