Update to Planning for the 2020 Season

The Clatskanie Farmers Market will open its seventh season on Saturday, June 20, 2020. This Market promises to be “unusual”.  The pandemic has upset the plans of the entire world.  The Clatskanie Farmers Market has experienced our fair share of that uncertainty.  The community will still have access to most of our produce and goods, but the presentation will be unique and we will offer two ways to engage with the Market.

Option #1

Socially Distanced Market in Cope’s Park from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays through September.

COVID-19 remains a challenge for all of us in the Market Community.  Farmers markets are considered an “essential” function, but it is still critical to follow best practices to keep our customers and vendors safe.  After much deliberation, the Market Board, in conjunction with City staff and the Parks and Recreation Department, has decided the best course of action is to return to the expanses of Cope’s Park.  Our Community loves its artists and makers.  Moving to this larger venue will allow us to safely include them with the prescribed social distancing.  We intend to provide our community with produce, value added products, arts/crafts and food that will nourish and sustain us through these tough times and do it in an environment that is safe for everyone.

We have spent years developing the Clatskanie Farmers Market into the Coolest Little Market in Oregon.  We have encouraged our community to buy local products and linger in the Market to enjoy music and educational opportunities, eat good food and visit with friends and neighbors.  However, COVID-19 regulations have made us stand back and try to understand how the Market’s mission needs to evolve during this unique and (hopefully) temporary time.  We are still about community, but the emphasis will be put on safety for all of us.  As Columbia County moves through Phases 1 and 2 of their COVID-19 response, our board of directors will be working closely with the Oregon Farmers Markets Association and the Governor’s office.  We will adapt the Market according to their Best Practice recommendations.

Option #2

HUB Pick-Up Market for Online Orders on Conyers St. from 10 am to 12 noon through September.

Shoppers may use a drive-up/pick-up feature this season.  Online ordering and purchasing can be done through our website *coming soon!* – just follow the link on that page for WhatsGood – https://sourcewhatsgood.com/.  Preorders can be made from a variety of local Clatskanie Farmers Market vendors.  Each Saturday from 10-12 prepaid online orders can be picked up at the HUB located in the public parking lot, behind Colvins and Conestoga on NE Conyers St., where a cheerful volunteer will bring your order out to your vehicle.  Check out our 66 foot long wall of flowers across the street.


COVID-19 and its subsequent financial impact have hit all communities.  We want to make food from the Clatskanie Farmers Market available for everyone in this time of need.  Our new Market Manager, Wanda Harris, has worked hard to ensure that we can accept SNAP this year (with Double Up Food Bucks) and FDNP vouchers.  We are excited to effectively serve all of our shoppers.

Many of our vendors have been inspired by the challenge of these times and have upped their production.  New greenhouses and vegetable beds have been pressed into production to meet what we see as a basic community need.  We are honored to be of service.

So, if you’ve missed fresh and local produce, arts, crafts, and maker goods, Cope’s Park is where you will find them, Saturdays 10-2, June 20th through September, or the HUB pick up site on Conyers.

See you soon at the Coolest Little Market in Oregon (socially distanced).

Please visit our website for links to the updated 2020 Vendor Handbook and Application.  Our revised documents mark the complexity of these COVID-19 times.  The decisions we are making as an organization are not easy or simple, but they are justified in our efforts to remain open as an essential business while providing our community with fresh, local products in a safe and healthy way.  ~ CFM

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