Calling All Vendors

The Clatskanie Farmers Market is making plans. We understand that the times are uncertain and only essential business is allowed, but for now at least, farmers markets are permitted to continue operations. Various active markets have developed strict protocols for both market day and for the harvesting and handling of market products.

CFM has always focused on creating a sense of community while providing produce and hand made items, and one way or another, we hope to continue that tradition.

We encourage any of you considering becoming a vendor to visit our website at and fill out an application. Please forward the completed form to CFM Market Manager /P.O. Box 1501 Clatskanie Oregon 97016. Do not send the application fee, we are only trying to gauge the size of this year’s market so we can continue with our planning for the new venue on North Conyers.

It seems like pandemic news develops by the minute and we are tracking constantly, but rest assured, we are working to continue this community activity responsibly.
– Steve