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Welcome 2017 CFM Vendors!

Our 2017 Market Season opens June 3rd and runs through September 30th this year.

MARKET MANAGER: Mr. Wish Velliquette: 503.308.3968. ClatskanieFMmanager@gmail.com

In addition to the mail-in Application Form, we also feature an online Application option. If you would like to give it a try, please submit your online application here: Manage My Market.  Note to Vendors: The first time you visit the Manage My Market website you will need to register as a new vendor, even if you have previously been a vendor with Clatskanie Farmers Market. On the online application you may be asked specific questions, especially if you indicate that you are a farmer; if something does not apply to you, please write in Not Applicable (N/A) since the program will not allow you to leave it blank. ** You may choose not to indicate that you are a farmer even if you are selling produce in order to simplify your application form.

Need help? Here is a little slideshow that helps to show you how to use this new online system: Slideshow

Manage My Market software will allow us to facilitate:

  • Online vendor registration & management
  • Booth assignments
  • License administration
  • Invoicing & sales and payment tracking
  • Integrated email & PayPal

Please download and print the Vendor Handbook here: CFM 2017 Vendor Handbook

Please download and print the Vendor Application here: CFM 2017 Vendor Application  (Please note: If mailing in a paper application please pay by check. Thank you!)

Or, you may submit your Vendor Application online here: Manage My Market

2017 Spring Bazaar Application: *coming soon!

Download a .pdf of the slideshow on food processing/baking from our Vendor Training Camp: Vendor Training Camp

Download fact sheets about the “Baking Bill” here: Baking Bill Fact Sheet
And another one here: OSU Fact Sheet – Home Baking Bill

Read about marketing cut greens here: Leafy Greens Fact Sheet

Learn about selling mushrooms here: Mushroom Fact Sheet

Here is more information about the Farm Direct Law: OSU Fact Sheet – Farm Direct

And this one is about selling sprouts: Sprout Fact Sheet

Link to the ODA’s labeling requirements for added-value foods: Labeling Requirements

Selling eggs at CFM? Here is a great resource for: How to Clean Eggs

Process Authorities & References for added-value foods:

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning – 2015

Pacific NW Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

So Easy To Preserve – National Center For Home Food Preservation


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  1. Hello I just moved here from California and would like to know the requirements to be able to sell produce at your farmers market any information you can provide will be great fully appreciated.

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